Scholarships & Financial Aid

SPAN, the Student Project for Amity among Nations, strives to be as affordable as possible and accessible to all students.

Budget planning for summer 2022 travel to London, England

Estimated program total costs: $5,000*

  • $4,000 – Costs billed to SPAN@Hamline University student account
  • $1,000 – Estimated personal expenses

The program expenses includes:

  • Tuition for six Hamline-awarded credits
  • Housing at the University of Roehampton, in London
  • Daily breakfast and two group meals
  • Group excursions
  • Hamline’s International Emergency Insurance
  • Two weeks unlimited London metro card for local transportation (more can be added as needed)

Expenses not included (varies depending on student needs and desires):

  • Additional meals
  • Flights
  • Passport/visa costs
  • Books and research materials
  • Additional in-country transportation/housing costs
  • Personal shopping/excursion/entertainment costs
  • Contingency costs
*Costs based upon the number of enrollees in SPAN@Hamline for summer 2022, London, England. The $5,000 figure includes the cost of six (6) Hamline academic credits for both the pre-departure intensive research methods course and the program costs associated with a five week stay in and around London, England. 

SPAN-awarded scholarships for summer 2022, London, England

All students enrolled in the SPAN@Hamline program are eligible to receive SPAN-awarded scholarships. The SPAN scholarships are being awarded only because of the generosity of SPAN alumni. Scholarships are intended to reduce the financial burden for a student and to help close the gap between the program costs and the means an individual student may have to fund his/her trip. In order to receive a SPAN scholarship, a student must complete the SPAN scholarship application. For additional scholarship and application information, please contact the SPAN program specialist at Hamline within the Global Engagement Center, (GEC):

Other scholarships and financial aid

Financial aid may be available to Hamline students because the course includes six credits – the minimum amount required to use aid in summer.  Students from other schools should talk to their financial aid office at their university or college to learn if and how they can apply financial aid to the SPAN program.

Students are also encouraged to seek out additional scholarships to help pay for their trip.  To learn more about funding a study-abroad experience:

For Hamline students:  Funding Study Away

For UMN students: UMNTC Learning Abroad Center Finances

Additional scholarship resources for SPAN participants: (HINT: To view this list, please copy the url below in your browser.)